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Resting Point Acupuncture, LLC

Holistic Healing for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Well Being


An old Chinese Proverb says " Tension is who you think you should be, Relaxation is who you are."  

Chinese medicine is based on Taoist philosophy that all of life seeks to be in a state of balance, harmony, vitality and relaxation. Written historical records date back 2,500 years ago. The medicine is thought to have developed at least 5,000 years ago as part of a system to nurture a return to our natural state of vitality and harmony. Toasist philosophers believed that we all have a purpose on this earth and therefore a destiny to fulfill. This requires a healthy mind, vibrant physical energy and a calm, well rooted spirit. When we are disconnected from our true nature and path in life, disharmony and imbalance leads to disease.

At Resting Point Acupuncture we offer Traditional Chinese Medicine with Five Element Acupuncture to help you achieve your health goals. The medicine treats Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual issues.

Common Benefits of these therapies include: Physical rejuvenation, Stress Reduction, Mental Clarity, Emotional and Spiritual Balance, Pain Relief from: Headaches, Migraine headaches, Back and Shoulder pain, Low Back pain and Physical Injuries.

The modes of treatment include Acupuncture – The insertion of hair like needles into specific energetic points ; Tui Na – Chinese Therapeutic Massage; Cupping – Glass cups are used with suction to draw heat from the body; Herbal Therapy – using herbal formulas to treat internal health issues. 

 At Resting Point Acupuncture we support you on your journey towards health and well being, opening doors to new possibilities and helping to relieve some of the stresses of daily life. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I am happy to answer all questions and to discuss your health concerns.

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