Resting Point Acupuncture


Five Elements Acupuncture with David Magill combines talk therapy and acupuncture resulting in truly transformational change.  Although our Western culture thinks of the body and mind as separate machine-like parts, Eastern medicine sees the human mind and body as inextricably linked like an ecosystem.  Anxiety ever give you a stomach ache?  That's the mind's influence on the body.  Back pain ever make you irritable and angry? That's the body effecting the mind. Because of this connection, David's treatments are very powerful because he treats the whole person; mind and body.

I came to David because I needed help processing grief and finding direction and purpose in my life.  In the first half of his appointments, our conversations felt more like talk therapy than a traditional acupuncture intake procedure. Those talks primed me for the changes that took place on the treatment table. During the second half of the appointment when the acupuncture needles are used, David makes sure you feel the "arrival of Qi" when he stimulates each point, ensuring an effective treatment.  My emotions were consistnetly stirred and encouraged to come up and most importantly out so I could face my fears, hear my inner voice and move forward in a positive direction.  

His treatments are for those looking for psychological and physical transformational change. I recommend him for anyone who is stuck and can't find the way forward. 

Loretta Neal - Denver


 Whatever we are doing, it is working” – that was what I said to David at our last session.  I told him how much I appreciate him because he treats the whole body instead of a specific area.  Each session, he changes what he does by channeling, using his charts -  you can see his head whirling with thoughts and plans.  In our session before treatment, we discuss many topics including health, meditation, exercises, Chinese and Buddha theories and anything else pertinent to my good health. I come away from my treatment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Jeanne P. Lakewood