Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado NCCAOM Board Certified since 2013

Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado NCCAOM Board Certified since 2013

David Magill

I spent my early childhood growing up in Durban, South Africa in the early 1960’s where my father practiced Pediatric medicine at McCord Zulu Hospital. There were doctors and nurses from around the world that came to work at McCord’s and who have had the greatest influence on the path I have chosen to continue the work of being a vehicle for others to heal. I came to Acupuncture indirectly by addressing my own mental health and by helping others in the community.

I went from working in house construction to finish my BA degree and through a school art project in the San Francisco County Jail discovered the Public Mental Health system in San Francisco in 1995. I have now spent the past 20 plus years helping people with severe mental illness learn how to cope with their symptoms so they can live more productive lives.

During this time I studied Tibetan Buddhist practices, Thai Chi, Taoist philosophy and meditation practices which began pointing the way to Chinese Medicine. I am currently learning a form of Qigong (pronounced “Chee” gong) called Sheng Zhen, the Qigong of Unconditional Love.

When I moved to Denver in 2005 I realized that studying Chinese medicine would be a vehicle to address both the physical and the mental health issues. I learned that the medicine is a vehicle for treating the whole person, gently opening and guiding us back to our original state of physical and emotional grace and purpose.

I went to the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine and graduated with a Masters of Acupuncture in 2012 and then completed the Herbal program graduating with the Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014.

I completed a 5 year internship with master practitioner Judi Terrill becoming certified in Five Element Acupuncture. I also interned at the same time in Five Element Pediatric Acupuncture and spent a year in Judi’s non-profit clinic treating children. I will be rejoining the Pediatric clinic beginning in July of 2019.

My mission is to serve the community need for maintaining and promoting good physical, mental and spiritual health.

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