Five Element Acupuncture is a nature based medicine treating pediatric patients who have experienced trauma, have behavioral issues or have physical symptoms Western Medicine and other modalities are unable to successfully diagnose and treat.

Using the Five Element Nature-Based model we treat children using Tui Na (a Chinese Therapeutic massage), Acupressure and Meridian Therapy. Treatments have helped children to be more centered, calm and focused with a stronger sense of self esteem.


All treatments are through Jade Woman de LaLonde (Jade Woman of the Forest) a non-profit corporation established to treat children regardless of the families ability to pay. Scheduling an appointment may be made with Resting Point Acupuncture at 303-386-5376. For information about the non-profit contact the office at 720-484-5357 or email:

For more information please click on the link below to find the Non-Profit website.