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 Reference Books, Tapes and Online reference:

Nourishing Destiny: The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine by Lonny S. Jarrett, M.Ac

Fire Child Water Child: How understanding the Five Types of ADHD can help improve your child’s self-esteem and attention by Stephen Scott Cowan, MD

Traditional Acupuncture: The Law of the Five Elements by Dianne M. Connelly, PhD., M.Ac

Taoist Meditation: Methods for Cultivating a Healthy Mind and Body Translated by Thomas Cleary

Essentrics: Aging Backwards, Connective Tissue Workouts with Miranda Esmonde-White (DVD)

Sheng Zhen Meditation: The practice of Unconditional Love - Master Li Junfeng, https://shengzhen.org/. Also free online classes: https://shengzhen.online/

Jade Woman de LaLonde Inc.: Five Element Pediatric Clinic Home Page link: https://www.jadewomandelalonde.org/